Screen Recorder with Audio

Screen Recorder with Audio

The best and reliable way to do screen capture with audio for on Windows / Mac for any part of the screen whether it may be a entire desktop, region, window or scrolling window. You can do screen recording along with audio and there is also option to record microphone sound within screen capture process. Beside that you can select the device from which audio will be recorded during screen recording process. It makes you to communicate faster and explain more clearly than text. The screen recorder with audio offers you to record webinars, games and skype videos in HD along with sound.


Audio Recording

You can also include audio in your video from microphone or computer system audio. There is also a option to extract audio and video simultaneously as well as mix your own voice to the video. Do screen recording and audio activity synchronously without losing the quality.

Trim recording

The trim recording recording lets you to cut unnecessary part of the video whether it may be beginning, middle or end of the video. You can also add background music, caption and callouts. After doing the editing save the videos in different formats like MP4, MOV, AVI and other popular format.

  • Scheduled Recording It lets you to do screen recording when you are not available where you can set the start and stop time of the recording. Before starting scheduled recording you should ensure that there is enough space in the disk.
  • Clipboard The clipboard lets you to save the screenshot and you can share them via skype or email instantly.
  • Display Hotkeys Screen capture for Windows lets you to show hotkeys that are used during the recording.
  • Drawing Panel This tool lets you to draw, outline and add arrows or text to your screenshot or video while you do the screen capture.
  • Around mouse screen recording Do screen recording by selecting the size of a region around mouse cursor to record.
  • Annotation for screen capture Annotate the screen capture to draw more attention and also drag and drop any picture from local drive for sharing.
  • Hide sensitive information Screen recorder with audio can hide sensitive information from the image like address, account number and more when you are sharing it publicly.

The screen recorder for PC has functions like library where you can find past capture without taking time in digging them. The screen capture for Windows are automatically saved to your library and the tag capture always keep your project organized. You can also resize images in your screenshot and also change words, font, text and more in your screenshot. Online screen recorder for Mac is used in various field like education, marketing & demos, presentation and more. Whereas in education you can create engaging video lesson and also make videos to have interactive session between students and teacher. In presentation, you can transform power point slide and webinar recording into compelling video and also add multimedia to effective communication. Coming to marketing, you can impress your customer with the video and also set music track according to mood of the video.

Currently, there are many products in the market where you can do screen recording with audio. Here is the list of best screen capture with audio:

Snagit (Windows / Mac)

Do screen recording along with audio which has full set of editing tool and also include audio in your video from microphone or computer system audio. Snagit is a powerful screen capture for Windows and Mac with built in advanced image editing and screen recording. This tool makes you to communicate clearly and also comment over your screenshot with arrows, shapes and callout. You can also add visual to your documentation for providing up to date tutorial, how to guide and manual. It is the best way to create quality screenshot, custom graphics or screen recording. There are many features on snagit like trim video clips, create animated GIFs, record webcam, annotate screen grabs, snagit stamps, magic wand tool and more.

Trim video

Trim video clip lets you to remove unnecessary section from the video whether it may be beginning, middle or end of the video. Convert any short recording into animated GIF and quickly add it to website, document or chat.

Webcam and screen recording

You can switch between webcam and screen recording during a video and also add personal touch with teammates or client. Annotate screen grabs with professional markup tool to make the customer understand easily.

There is also option to personalize your images with stickers specifically for screen shot. Magic wand tool lets you to select an area of image based on color. Quickly remove a background or replace the color in objects like text or logos throughout the screenshot.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder (Windows / Mac)

The simplest and professional way to record anything on your screen whether it may be from Mac or Windows computer. It is also a good video game recorder, skype call capture and more. Do screen recording with full screen or customized screen to record videos in a high quality. Aiseesoft screen recorder can record any online music, radio, voice call and more from system audio or microphone. It can record and save your webcam videos on your computer and the major function is that it can record various music, radio or online audio instead of downloading them. The captured sound can be saved in different formats like MP3, WMA, AAC and M4A for easy playback. Record any streaming audio from system audio for getting the original sound quality.

Audio grabber


There is audio grabber that can save any online audio including audio track in MV, voice in teaching videos and more. Select microphone audio and turn off system audio to add oral explanation to your video. The easier way to take snapshots in a easy and useful way to save some important information.

  • Save it in different format Captured screen shot can be saved in different formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and more.
  • Editing of video Edit the recorded video by adding arrow, text, line, rectangle, ellipse and more.

Mouse recording lets you to record a specific area around mouse or follow mouse to capture what you need. You can also have a quick access to all recorded video or audio files and snap shots. It is simple to do audio recording where you can click audio recorder and then choose to record audio from system or microphone. Finally, click Rec to start capturing audio on your computer.

Gilisoft Screen Recorder (Windows)

It is a free screen recorder for Windows that can capture any area of screen either as a screenshot or video file. It lets you to record lecture, webinars, games and Skype calls. There is also option to add narration from your microphone and also video from your webcam and then share it to youtube or facebook. This tool is useful when you need to record for taking video tutorial, create software demo or record game video.

Record Audio/video

There is also option to record video alone or record video and audio simultaneously. You can record video with computer sound alone, record video with microphone alone as well as record video both computer sound and microphone.Record voice from your microphone and speaker simultaneously which ideal for recording video conference.

New Features

There is also many features like zoom in-out recording, add logo to your video, hot keys, mouse effect and more. You can magnify the area of cursor during recording as well as allows to adjust the recording area during screen recording with zoom function. Add text watermark or image watermark to your screenshot as well as use hot keys to start, pause and stop recording. Embed mouse cursor in recording, mouse click sound effect and mouse click effect.


Gilisoft Screen Recorder is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7,8 and Windows 10 that supports 32 and 64 bit formats. These are the steps for doing screen recording where you have to choose the full screen in target list and secondly set the audio source and finally set the output folder to start recording.

Boilsoft Screen Recorder (Windows)

It is a powerful screen capture software with audio that lets you to capture and record the screen activities into AVI or WMV files. Boilsoft screen recorder lets you to record audio into the video file from any source that includes microphone, line-in or speaker. You can create demo videos, capture streaming video, prepare business solution, make training material and record gameplay.

Used in various field

It is used for various purpose like creating video tutorial for student and create demonstration video for any software. Record a frequently occurred problem from your computer and use the video as a sample for technical support. There is also a way to game recording to show your performance and also to improve your gaming skill by watching the recorded video. It also supports recording to WMV file and all the video and audio setting can be configured.

Hot keys

Boilsoft Screen recorder supports hot keys and use the default one or define them as you like. It records sound from any source including microphone, line-in or speaker with customizable audio/video quality. You can get fast real time audio and video compression as well as get the video codec and audio format easily.

This tool supports recording mouse cursor on screen and also develop multimedia material that can be shown on TV or burnt on disc that can be used to promote your website or other products. This product is compatible with Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Dr.Fone – iOS Screen Recorder (Windows / iOS)

This software lets you to do screen recording from your iPhone, iPad or iPod where you can mirror your iOS device on your computer screen wirelessly. It is also used to record videos, games and more and also record audio by capturing system audio of your device. You can also mirror your device in real time with no lag and also set up recording according to your needs. This tool is easy to use and start recording with a single click. It is 100% secure where there is no risk to your phone or data. Dr.Fone – iOS Screen Recorder is used in various field like presentation, education, gaming, business and more. It lets you to do customized recording and it supports latest model on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The iOS screen recorder supports jailbroken and non jailbroken device.


Presentation In presentation, you can use a projector to share your device screen with a room full of people.

Education It lets you to record assignment and share them wirelessly with an entire classroom.

Gaming Whereas in gaming you can record the amazing moments in the gameplay and also share it with others.

You can record the iPhone screen with the following procedure

First, you have to download the iOS screen recorder app and then you have to go setting > general > device management. Finally start recording your iOS screen where you will have to access your microphone and photos. Before starting the iPhone screen recording you can change the resolution, audio source, orientation for the recorded video.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro (Windows / Mac)

This is a multi-functional screenshot program with user friendly interface to capture anything on the screen with audio. It lets you to do multiple screen capture mode where you can do capture from fixed region to window, full screen and there is wide range of capture modes along with sound. You can save the captured image in different formats like PNG, JPG, BMP, PDF and more. Whereas the videos can be saved in different formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV and other format. There are many ways to take screenshot where you capture single window, web pages, web cam or select the capture area of your own along by recording sound. Take screenshot from your web cam and do editing and share similarly to other images or video files. You can also add annotation or bring some effects your work. It improves the productivity in different scenarios and do editing as required.

Create scheduled task

It lets you to do screen recording by setting start and stop time. Apowersoft screen recorder pro does screen recording automatically when you are not available in the system. You can also schedule screenshot on a daily and weekly basis where you can enable the feature by enabling daily trigger for screenshots.

Upload and share images

It comes with integrated image uploading and social sharing function that lets you to upload images to the cloud space or share the images with friends.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio (Windows / Mac)

Movavi screen capture studio for Windows and Mac which is a 2 in 1 screen recording program that lets to do screen capture with Audio. You can easily capture any area or full part of the screen and also has all the tools to do professional screen capture. Do the screen capture full HD at 60 frames per second for perfect output footage. It lets you to record streaming audio, video, skype video chat, webinar and more. The screenshot can be used for improved communication and also plug in your microphone to record voice commentary. Video recording can be edited from the beginning, middle and end of the video. You can also apply special effects and color filter to the video as required. Save the result in different format like MP4, MOV, AVI and more. There is also option to play your recording in mobile device or share it in online. You can record video by positioning the capture frame on the screen and also plug in your microphone to record a voice commentary. Movavi screen capture lets you to edit the recording by removing unwanted footage, add background music, caption and callouts. There is also option to make your recording for replaying on mobile device or sharing online and also manage the screen grabber with hot keys.

Scheduling recording

You can also scheduled screen recording by setting the start and stop time without your presence. Th recording can be video and audio simultaneously for quality recording.

Ready-made pre-set

There is wide selection of ready made preset for mobile device and save videos taken from your monitor in a flash with new super speed mode.


Screenflow for Mac

It is a screencasting and video editing application for Mac where you can create amazing videos. This product has the highest quality recording even on retina display and it has intuitive UI that allows everyone to create reliable content in minutes. You can create animated GIFs and APNGs from any video project in screenflow. Do recording that captures video camera, microphone and computer audio. The screenflow comes with a number of preset export setting for optimal quality videos. There is also screenflow’s caption editor tool to add, edit and even burn in ADA complaint soft subtitle to your videos. Get powerful video editing tool by adding professional touches to your videos with transition, text, animation, video animation, freehand annotation, multi channel video and more. Animate graphics, videos, logos and more with built in video and text animation. This product is used for various purpose like educator, marketer, vlogger and online training Where in education it is used for recording lectures and create videos for having interactive session with students. In marketing, screenflow helps marketers to create and edit polished looking videos to help sell your products. It is also used in vlogging, the best way to reach audience and it can also bring more reader to your blog. You can also give on demand video training and live video training for some courses.

Built in stock media library

Get your videos with access to more than 5000,000 unique media clips directly from directly within screenflow projects.

Closed caption support

Screenflow’s caption editor tool lets you to add, edit and even burn in ADA complaint soft subtitles to your videos.

Techsmith Camtasia (Windows / Mac)

Techsmith Camtasia is a screen recorder and video editor program that lets you to record any part of the screen and create polished and professional looking video. You can also add images, video, audio and powerpoint presentation that you already have and do editing like combining or split clips, trim, speed up or slow down footage. After that you can preview inside your video editor and give videos with professional video editor effects. You can also add highlight, animation, title, transition and more where it has powerful features to get the best video. It has the ability to import audio and video as well as any of your existing media can be brought onboard and entered into the creative process.

Drag and drop feature

You can simply drag and drop various icon, shapes, text or clip that can have complete creative control over your project. There is also numerous animated background available to use and enable the production of training, educational or marketing videos.


It lets you to save editing time and achieve consistency by storing callout, title slide or an entire intro sequence for later reuse.

Keystroke callout

The keystroke can be made visible as camtasia studio takes note on any keyboard shortcuts used during recording and also show the key as graphic overlay.

Sketch motion callout

You can also bring attention to important components of your video with animated shapes.

It is a easy to use interface for creating a professional videos.

IceCream Screen Recorder (Windows / Mac)

It is a useful application that enables to capture any area of your screen whether it is a screenshot, audio or video file. This tool is easy to use and has all the feature for doing screen capture with audio. You can record webinar, games, skype videos in HD and many more. Ice cream screen recorder software is available for Windows and Mac. You can also draw, outline and draw arrows or text to your screenshot or video while doing the screen capture. Do webcam recording along with audio for screen recording and also change the format of recorded videos later. Trim unnecessary section of the video whether it may be any part of the screen recording ad there is scheduled recording which does recording automatically by setting start and stop time. The clipboard saves the screenshot and also share them through skype or email instantly. You can display hot keys used in the screen recording and also select the screen recorder’s output video quality. This tool is used in various field like marketing, education, presentation and more.

  • Add watermark You can also add your watermark to the screen capture to know the creator.
  • Drawing panel It lets you to draw, outline and add arrows or text to your screenshot or video while doing screen capture.
  • Zoom in There is also option to zoom in to highlight your video and to make your video professional.
  • Around mouse screen recording You can select the size of the region around mouse cursor to record.


Flashback Screen Recorder (Windows)

It is a powerful and easy ti use screen recorder where you can record your screen, sound and webcam. You can record any part of your PC screen and turn it into a video file. The videos can be edited by adding notes, images and audio to make it more professional. Audio editing can be done to edit audio track side by side and also synchronize sound with video. You can also record sound from mic/speaker as well as do scheduled recording by setting start and stop time for recording. The recorded video can be saved to all major format and also add water mark to your captured video. It does high performance recording as well as do recording from multiple monitor. This tool lets you to add text, image and sound as well as record a commentary while recording the screen or add it later. The commentary can be in a MP3 or WAV format and you can add text boxes, tips bubble and images to your movie.


You can export your movie in any major format or upload straightly to youtube or flashback connect.

Game recording

You can record gaming moments and also show the skill to others. By watching recorded video you can improve the gaming skill and also stream games to twitch, facebook or youtube.

Used for various purpose

Screen recorder is used for various purpose like training & education, online events, marketing and more. Create training videos that makes easy for the people to watch and also create new teaching method with the video.


It is ideal to buy a screen recorder with audio that records along with video. You can also create tutorial by including audio from microphone or computer system audio for better communication.

Best Screen Recording Software
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