How to screen record with Snagit

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Techsmith Snagit screen recording is a tool to capture anything on the screen that can be full part of the screen or partial part of the screen. You can do screen recording along with audio recording. Do trimming for the screen capture from the beginning, middle or end of the video with various tools available. Snagit has many features like capture window, using the crosshair, selection preview, capture toolbar, There are many few steps involved in screen capture

Step 1: Open the webpage, word document or any other thing to Snagit

Step 2: Click the snagit button at the top of the screen

Step 3: You can also do quick capture on the screen with capture window that has three tabs like image, video and all in one. The tab allow you to pick particular capture setting and make things happen faster.

Step 4: Then hit the record button

Step 5: Using crosshair let’s you to select what you want to capture and also release the crosshair to preview your selection.

Step 6: Oneclick interface allows you to capture the window with one click. It is a docked capture interface and provides ever present access to the capture window. Keep the mouse over the interface and click the capture button.

Step 7: You can enable one click by selecting view and show one click.Then you can move the one click capture window anywhere on your screen by clicking and dragging.

Step 8: Do oneclick capture by keeping cursor over blue bar on the edge of your screen to expand one click option.

Step 9: To turn off oneclick select view> hide one click.

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