Dr.Fone iOS Screen Recorder Review

Dr.Fone iOS Screen Recorder Review


Dr.Fone is a screen recorder with sound that is specially designed for iOS device where you can easily record the screen of iPhone, iPod and iPad. You can mirror your iOS device on your computer screen directly and record videos, games and more. Record games, video, images and more on your iOS device and then transfer it to your PC. There is also option to mirror your iOS device on the computer screen wirelessly and also capture system of your device. You can do recording according to your requirement and it does the recording in a quick manner. The iOS screen recorder is used for various purpose like presentation where you can use your iOS device for giving presentation and it is used in education where you can record assignment for sharing them with your class wirelessly. Whereas in business, you can use projector for sharing the screen of your device with the members of conference and this software works with Airplay where you need not use any cables for using it. The is the best way to record and mirror your mobile games on big screen and also record anything happened on your PC. You can also get screen recorder for windows Dr.Fone supports version like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Record Audio

Do audio recording from the device or microphone and get high quality audio recording along with video recording.


The Dr.Fone – iOS Screen Recorder is compatible with iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPod touch 5, iPod touch 4 and more.

Jailbroken Device

In a jailbroken device you can install apps that are not authorized by apple and it removes tough security protection. With a jailbroken device there is many security issue and it can cause permanent file damage. Yes, it supports jailbroken device and non-jailbroken device.

Set resolution, audio source and more

Before starting the online scree recording, change the screen resolution, audio source and orientation of the video. After that, you can start recording of your iOS screen and once the screen recording is over tap on screen recorder red bar on top of your phone. Additionally, this product has the ability to record in several resolution ranging up to 1080p.

Trouble shooting air play option

Many of them are complaining that they are unable to find the Airplay option in control center. You can try this solution by going to setting> Wi-Fi and choose the network that your computer is connected to. If this option does not work, you can try for the second option. Check if the IOS screen recorder is blocked by the firewall and when you launch the iOS screen recorder for the first time, the computer will pop up for a security alert from windows firewall. You have to click “allow access” which communicates with private network and public network. Another option is that make sure that make sure that the antivirus blocks the start of Airplay. Ensue that the firewall is turned off.

Final Thought

You also get free trial on this product and it has all kind of feature for screen capture. Dr.Fone is compatible with most of the iOS device and also mirror your iOS device to a larger screen.


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