Best Screen Recorder for PC September 2022

Best Screen Recorder for PC September 2022

Screen recorder software, often also known as screen capture or screencasting software, essentially have the same purpose of recording the output of your screen. They mostly come for different prices and functions but tend to have similar features such as unlimited recording, editing options, and video frame adjustments. Recording your screen has become a necessity for many especially for tutorials and meetings.

The 10 Best Screen Recorder for PC

Most screen recording software is highly user-friendly and offers simplicity in terms of the features screen recorders have to offer. Let’s look at the top 10 best screen recorders for PCs in the market.


Atomi System’s all-in-one solution to your screen recording and video editing needs is known as ActivePresenter. It is very popular amongst YouTubers, educators, trainers, and video producers. It is used for demos, step-by-step tutorials, and how-to videos. It consists of many useful features both for screen recording and video editing purposes. There is a free and paid version of ActivePresenter. The free one also comes with no watermarks and has no time or functionality restrictions. Once you have captured the screen, you can trim, split, cut the recordings, in addition to changing their speed and volume.

The paid version, however, has more advanced audio and video editing features which are used for creating software and video simulations.


  • Ad-free
  • Video editor edits captured and imported videos
  • Advanced video editing includes blur effect, audio fade, and green-screen effect
  • Can record software simulations


  • Cannot schedule recordings
  • For 64-bit Windows only

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is software for screen recording, video editing, and live streaming. It is completely free and does not include watermarks or time limits. It is used by gamers who like to live gameplay their footage. Other than that it allows you not only to grab the entire display screen but also record from the webcam and microphone. It also allows you to stream any program that has desktop apps and will also allow audio to be shared.

It is a highly versatile software for screen recording, but it does not come with a video editor. You will need to use another software for that if you wish to edit the videos you record. It should be known that it is an open-source program, which is why you should only download it from the official website and not from anywhere else.


  • Intuitive audio mixer
  • Many filter options including image mask, color correction, noise reduction, crop, noise reduction, green screen, and more
  • No time limit or watermark
  • Ad-free


  • Does not have a pause function, while recording video
  • Does not come with a video editor

Flashback Express

Blueberry Software’s Flashback Express is free software that records screens, sounds, and webcam. It does not set any time limits on recording and neither does it put watermarks on the recorded videos. It allows you to screen record across multiple monitors, given that you have multiple screens. Its schedule recordings features are one of the key features that set it apart from the rest.

It is, however, a free version of the Flashback Pro application. They have the same recording features but the free version lacks video editing, effects, and annotations. While both versions can save the recorded videos like WMV, AVI, MP4, or directly to YouTube, only Flashback Pro users can save them as GIF, QuickTime, Flash, or EXE files. They can also put password protection on the videos while free users cannot.


  • Multiple monitor system
  • Can schedule recordings
  • No watermarks, ads, or time limit
  • Includes cursor highlighting


  • Limited video format options
  • Does not come with a video editor


This is a screen-casting web-based software, which does not require an application download, and can be accessed via the browser. You can, however, download the app and use it even when there is no connection to the internet. It includes several features like video editing, hosting, recording, and sharing. With the free version, you can only make 15-minute video recordings, which unfortunately will include the watermark as well. You can, however, trim recordings, add closed captions, as well as share videos on YouTube or other social media directly.

The paid version, however, has no time limit or watermark inclusion on the final recordings. It also features editing tools, along with the option to record to audio.


  • Ability to record the entire screen, webcam, sound, window, microphone, and region
  • Can add a closed caption and speech-to-text captions
  • Video editing features such as cut, annotations, trim, speed change, and zoom and pan
  • Can protect videos with password


  • When capturing the screen, the editing process can also be included
  • Most features are paid only


CamStudio is a great option for creating AVI video files, and for those who just want to record and edit for small needs. It is otherwise, lightweight and an open-source screen recorder which allows AVI file recording to be later converted into SWF ones. It is compact, but some find this as a need for further development. While there are no ads in the application itself, the installer adds unwanted software. The software allows for video capturing, still capturing, and audio recording features. You can also record your voice, which is beneficial if you make your tutorials

It also has a quick recording feature which is needed for quicker tasks. The advanced annotation tool allows you to add text, drawings, and images to videos as well. It is overall a versatile recorder that does not come with the restrictions normally found in other screen recorders.


  • Allows users to make small-sized videos
  • Has a custom cursor
  • Has a screen-in-screen video option
  • Range of quality options for output


  • Few interactive animation features
  • Reports of spreading viruses and malware


ShareX is open-source software for screen recording which does not put watermarks or time limits on your recordings. It is best suited for developers or power users, but not for the average customer. It can come off as a bit more complicated to them. Unlike other video recording software, ShareX allows you to save your video recordings as GIF instead of video format. It allows you to share files easily as you can upload them directly to YouTube and other platforms. You can enhance your screenshots easily, as the photo editor allows for customization of the recorded pictures.

It is not only good for screenshots and recordings but also captures or reveals text through OCR, which means you can record an entire scrolling webpage easily. It is also completely free.


  • Has hotkeys for quicker navigation
  • Sharing URL available
  • Can customize watermark and color effects
  • Many exporting options


  • Game recording quality is low
  • Doesn’t record webcam videos


Camtasia has an easy-to-use interface, without any complexities. You have the option to choose your capture screen along with the option to choose whether you want to add the webcam and microphone or not. Then all you need to do is click the Record button. It also features a built-in editor for videos which despite having a lot of tools, is not overwhelming on the eyes. It also consists of click and drag options and a bunch of stock media to choose from. There are also many customization properties and elements that you can select. 

What’s more, is that Camtasia offers an exhaustive list of tutorials for the users who are struggling to use the editing tools. They have very professional videos which comprise intro and outro segments which are also in their test videos. The only problem is with their interactivity features which are needed for quizzes and clickable buttons. It also has closed captions for audio loops and texts. A segment lasting 4 seconds is played until you are typing. By clicking on the Tab button you can play the next loop.


  • For Windows, Mac, and iOS
  • Best for making professional videos
  • Can also add PowerPoint slides to its environment
  • Has zoom in, zoom, out, and pan animations


  • Paid, not free – relatively expensive than others
  • 64-bit only


Bandicam is another lightweight screen recording software that is great for capturing HD videos. It allows you to capture high compression ratio videos, without compromising on the quality of the original screen. It is highly used by gamers, for recording 2D and 3D games with a high resolution of 4K up to 144 fps. It can capture the entire screen, part of it, and external videos from the webcam and gaming console as well. The recording features will not disappoint even the pickiest gamers; however, it does not have a single editing feature. You can add Bandicut – an editor by the same company – you will only get trim, join, and split options.

The free version of the software has a 10-minute recording limit with the addition of the watermark.

The main features of Bandicam include real-time drawing, scheduled recording, voice mixing, mouse effects, and chroma key for webcam overlay. It is suitable for games that use Vulkan, OpenGL, and DirectX graphic technologies.


  • Recording in 4K UHD and up to 144 FPS
  • Can add text, drawing, and option of adding screenshot while recording
  • Can add mouse-clicking effects and animations
  • Lightweight


  • Does not include a built-in video editor
  • Limited output formats only MP4 and AVI


This screen recorder allows you to capture any area of the screen. You can also record other applications, games, skype calls, tutorials, webinars, live streams, and more. You can also audio record in addition to video recording. It is ideal for those who want a screen recorder with basic editing features. Even the paid version of the software only has to trim the beginning and end features. It thus has limited but simple screencast tools.

The free version of the Icecream screen recorder has a 5-minute recording limit and only has one video output of WEBM and VP8. The paid version, however, includes AVI, MOV, MP4, H.264, and MPEG-4 codecs. There are no watermarks in both the free and paid versions. The paid version has the option of scheduled recordings, trimming, and custom watermarks. It is a good screen recorder that has options such as hiding cursor and desktop icons while screen recording, changing the speed of the recordings, converting to different video formats, displaying hotkeys during screen recordings, mouse effects, and copying screen recordings to the clipboard.


  • Can add a logo to the recording
  • Can record the whole screen, a specific region, webcam, audio, and microphone output
  • Scheduling recordings for specific times
  • Drawing and zooming in and out features


  • Limited editing features
  • Cannot record webcam in isolation


It is ideal for capturing webcam, gameplay, computer screen – all simultaneously. You can record in 15 to 120 FPS, although for gameplay recording the higher the FPS, the better. You can also add annotations such as text for better viewing, and modify the color, shape, and size of the cursor. You do not need a separate video editor for DemoCreator as it has a range of editing tools that improve your video recordings.

You can import over 50 file formats and export recordings in a variety of output formats. It is also highly used for recording two devices at the same time. It is a trustworthy software often used by game players. You can capture fast-paced recordings of up to 60 FPS and you can record webcam video simultaneously. The video edit, however, is not very fancy, has very basic editing tools.


  • Can simultaneously record computer and webcam
  • Can import about 50 plus file formats
  • Supports HD and 4K recordings
  • Drawing and zooming in and out features


  • Limited editing features
  • Has been reported for lagging and freezing while editing


Best Screen Recording Software
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