AceThinker – iPhone Screen Recorder

AceThinker – iPhone Screen Recorder

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AceThinker is a iphone and ipad screen recorder where you can record the wirelessly without jailbreaking. You can record anything on the iPhone or iPad and mirror your iOS device on your computer directly. Connect the iphone or ipad wirelessly on your computer by using Airplay. After successful connection, you can display your mobile screen on the computer where the iPhone or iPad will be synced to your computer in real time. View the image or video on your iPhone or iPad in a HD manner as well as stream audio or video clips on your mobile and project them to your computer.

Do recording in a single click

You can capture game play, video call or anything on your iPhone or iPad from a single click. The recording can be done by hitting the red record button on the interface whether it may be image, video, documents or any other. There is various setting for your captured needs by configuring the video output, resolution and many more. The snapshot function captures the iphone or ipad screenshot and then save it to your computer hard drive. This features lets you to have more space in the iOS device by keeping the screenshot in the computer.

Publish and share screencast

When the iOS device and computer are running in the sane network you can leave the computer and take the iOS device without interrupting the recording. You can also return to the recording when the recording is over and then save the sound clip to the desired format. After that, you can freely upload it to social media site and video sites like youtube, vime and more. When the iPhone or iPad is connected to the same network, you can use the mirror function on the device to display your screen on PC or Mac. If your mobile device is connected, it will be projected on your computer screen. The activities that you do on the mobile will be reflected on the computer screen.

Configure setting

You can configure record setting like video format, video quality and more. Then you can click record button on the top menu to start recording. It has 9 video formats to save your captured file including animated image too. AceThinker supports device running from iOS 7 to iOS 10.

It is displayed in a full HD manner without any loss in the quality where the recording is done in a wireless manner. The interface is straight forward and it is easy to access from inexperienced user to advanced user. Screen recording is done in a fast and easy manner. Capture anything that runs on your iDevice and You can share videos with your friends and family. AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder comes in a trial version to test and after that you can go with paid version. During recording there is no lag on the stream and get the required screen capture in a high quality manner.

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  1. How long can i do video recording with this program? will i get the same quality?

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