The best screen recorder for Windows and Mac October 2019 enables to capture anything on the screen whether it may be any part or full part of the screen and it is easy to use. It allows you to record lectures, webinars, games and Skype calls in a HD manner. Get the best free online screen recorder for versions like Windows 7, Windows 10 and Mac. There is game screen recorder to capture the amazing gameplay videos in the PC to do screen recording with sound. Do HD video recording to get best quality with various record tools available.

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Wide range of editing tool

You can get complete set of tools for editing and also there is options to do PC screen capture with audio. Best screen recorder makes you to capture the screen in a quick manner and there are many features like real time drawing, add webcam overlay, add logo to video, mouse effects, add watermark, zoom in while recording, trim recording, convert and more. Real time drawing allows you to draw and outline on your video

Webcam recording

Add webcam video of yourself on the video that you are recording to show what your video will demonstrate. You can also add logo to your image or video to show who is the creator. Add a mouse click effect and animation during recording where you can add arrows, boxes and number of highlights. The add watermark lets you to add your own watermark to the screen capture and the zoom in tool makes your video more professional.

Trim recording

This tool makes you to cut unnecessary section in the video whether it is from beginning, middle and end of the video as well as convert the format of recorded videos later.

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Scheduled recording

You set timing to do recording automatically when you don’t time have to do recording and also show hot keys that are used during recording. You can get free screen recorder as well as paid version on screen recording for Windows and Mac.

Is it possible to make the viewers understand easily with screen capture?

Yes, it is possible. If you are struggling to communicate clearly then you can use screen recorder. The top online screen recorder allows you to create visual plan, communicate faster, save time, education and more. Create visual plan lets you to create a manual or a simple storyboard for project where screen recorder turns the series of screen capture into visual plan. You can create presentation to bring viewers attention.

Pro tips: The screen recorder should be user friendly and for marketing professional they can buy screen recording software which captures audio and video. Online screen recorder is very useful if you are a teacher, educator, game player or blogger.

The relay clear feedback offers you to give clear examples for problem, annotate and share them in a way to store easily and access for reference. Save time to explain your points in a visual manner and also show a perfect canvas to illustrate the point. With screen capture, you can communicate more faster and create shareable link to avoid sending too many mail. In education, you can create engaging video lesson and also track students result. Create visual database where the screen capture history lets you to access the visual database and also find old iteration from browsing the history. All these work can be used for future reference. Get the best free screen recorder for Windows 7, 10 and there are game screen recorder that records audio and video then you can share it to your friends. It lets you to record over a period of time and do recording with uncompressed full frame video. After the recording is over select the required format you want to ensure that you don’t loose the quality.

Best Screen Recorder for Windows

Do HD screen recording for Windows to capture any region or full part of the screen with numerous editing feature available the below list of products:


Snagit is a reliable screen capture for Windows that has advanced built-in image editing feature and screen recording. You can create high quality image and video in one program and also capture anything in your screen with Snagit. Edit screenshots or build custom graphics without requiring a designer and with Snagit add videos and images to your email, training material, documentation, blog or social media. You can transform any short recording into animated GIF and then you can add it to website, document or chat. The users can trim unwanted section from the video whether it is from beginning, middle or end of the video and also include audio in your video from microphone or computer system audio. Automatically make objects in your screen capture movable and also rearrange button, delete text or edit other elements in your screenshot. There is also option to resize the image and also enter new dimension to scale the size of the image.

Snagit review
Download Snagit


iSpring Free Cam is a reliable free screen capture solution for Windows which has a easy to use interface and do screen recording with a single click. The desktop recorder has all the tools for best screen capture and do editing to share it in online. You can save videos in high quality recording like WMV and also record a voice over with microphone as well as add background music to your video. There is also option to delete unwanted section from the video and also polish the audio with adjusting volume, add fade-in or fade-out effects and mute sound in selected part of the video. iSpring Free Cam comes with hot key support for simple navigation and also upload to youtube with one click. The screencast will be a WMV video of HD quality and use the video in presentation as well as email it your colleague, students or post in social media.

Download iSpring


Ezvid is a fast and easy way to do PC screen recording which supports for Windows platform like XP, 7, 8 and 10. With a single click capture anything on the screen and has all kinds of effects and features. You can also edit the video, make speed changes, add text, image slides and more. There is also screen drawing functionality where you can draw directly on the screen and get instant facecam and voice synthesis. Ezvid lets you to make instant slide show and also adjust the speed of the video. Make the best computer narration to your video and it instantly creates computer speech for your video.

Download Ezvid


It is a windows screen capture tool that lets you to record all video and audio activity on your computer. Do online screen recording in a quick manner and comes with own lossless codec that produces crystal clear size result. The screen capture can be done for whole screen or part of the screen and when you want to reduce the file size you can drag the area of interest on your monitor before the recording starts. Camstudio can be used for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 as well as personalize the video by annotation. You can also increase the quality of recording and also get total control of your video.

Download Camstudio


Get the top screen recorder for Windows where you can capture any images or videos from the screen. Easily annotate the captured image and video from the local drive and also save and share the captured video. You can also share any file from local drive as link and also directly upload video capture to youtube. TinyTake can is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 and also record a video using webcam. The user can store screenshots and video in the cloud as well as assign custom short keys. You can share any type of large files with anyone even if you don’t have a tinytake account.

Download TinyTake

GoPlay Editor (formerly SmartPixel)

Take the best Windows screen recording software and video editing program in one bundle which is easy to use and has the fast cutting and editing feature. It has features to cut, trim, merge video clips by fast and slow back operation, insert subtitle, dubbing, text effect, background music and more. GoPlay Editor recorder has PIP mode that allows user live comment by webcam and microphone during screen recording. For karoke fan and talented singer, it is the best tool to make personalized music video and then you can upload it in youtube. You can also insert subtitle, text effect, filter, background music, audio clip and more for the captured video. The video clip can be exported for different format as well as share your videos with GoPlay Editor. Videos can also be uploaded to go home and then it can be shared to facebook, youtube and twitter.

Download GoPlay Editor

Icecream Screen Recorder

The ice cream screen recorder is the best video capture software to record any part of the screen and to take screenshot of any file. You can select the area of screen that you would like to take screenshot or make video in a single click. There is drawing panel to add arrows, text, outline and more while doing screen capture. Add watermark to your video as well as add webcam video along with screen recording. save screenshots to the clipboard and share them by skype or email instantly. Show hotkeys that are used during the recording and do scheduled screen recording where your presence is not required. You can also choose the screen recorder’s output video quality and do hd screen capture in a simple manner.

Download Icecream Screen Recorder

Best Screen Recorder for Mac

Screen capture for mac lets you to record display in a highest quality and it is used for various purpose. You check the below products to get all your requirement:


Reliable and best screen recorder for Mac where you can get professional looking screenshots from Mac with Camtasia. You can capture videos and image in a quick manner and do editing like split clips, trim and speed up or slow down footage. After the initial recording is over there are several option for editing and enhancing your screencast. There is many number of transition, audio and video effects as well as animation by dragging them to appropriate part of timeline. You can also record mouse movement and show keystroke which makes viewers to easily follow. In marketing, you can create videos to impress your customer and it is the ideal video editor for you tube, vimeo, google drive and more. Do webcam recording to your video to give more value to the live footage and also add multimedia content to the recording.

Camtasia Review
Download Camtasia


The ScreenFlow for Mac is a screen recording and video editing software where you can capture the highest quality screen recording even on retina display. It can also monitor keystrokes and mouse movement as well as it has zoom function to make professional video. ScreenFlow records everything from your isight camera to microphone audio or speaker audio enabling to add crystal clear commentaries to the screencast. There are various uses with ScreenFlow that can be used by educator, marketer and for online training. In education, the teachers can create a powerful video and in marketing create videos to impress customer. Finally, in online training do on demand video training in a cost effective manner.

ScreenFlow Review
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Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a online screen recorder for Mac to do recording and editing like a professional. It is a 2 in 1 program which does screen recording and video editing to capture live stream, record desktop and to create your own video clip. You can communicate with screenshots and videos as well as capture video from webinar to watch later. Remove any unwanted footage as well as add captions and music to the video. The captured video can be saved in different formats like MP4, MOV, AVI and other popular format. You can record in full HD at 60 frames per second for perfect captured footage. This program can be used for Mac OS Х 10.7 or higher and use superspeed mode to save the video in a quick way.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review
Download Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Filmora For Mac

Filmora scrn is a easy to use screen recording for Mac is the best way to do video capture and to edit the videos. There is large number of video effects to use and import more than 50 file format. This program does the display recording in a quick manner and do recording of two devices simultaneously. You can do custom recording and export in various format. The PIP feature lets you to add a second image or video to your main footage like a facecam for gaming. Filmora scrn makes you to adjust the size, shape and color of your cursor and the tutorial function lets you to draw circle and arrows on your screen to impress the viewers.

Download Filmora For Mac


Quicktime is a media player for Mac OS X which has some powerful recording capabilities and has features to create a brief tutorial for your students and to demonstrate the common task required to complete on their computer by saving assignment and navigating the class website. Quicktime works very well if you are recording a certain window on Mac and also trim the video after doing the recording. You can cut unnecessary section from the video whether it is from beginning, middle or end of the video and also select that you want. Finally the save the file in specified location you want and the upload the website where students can access it.

Download Quicktime

Best Free Screen Recorder

With free screen capture you can record anything on the screen and also customize the video by settings. Here is the list of free screen video capture tool for all kinds of platform

DVD VideoSoft’s Free Screen Video Recorder

This is a best screen recorder for windows that has all kinds of features to do video recording and screenshot capture tool for capturing anything on the screen like Windows, objects, menus, full screen and rectangular region. Record video with sound from microphone and save it in different formats like BMP, JPEG and more. DVD Videosoft is easy to use interface and do capture for multiple windows. There are also image editing features like resizing, cropping and rotating. It is a best screen recorder does not contain any spyware or adware and it is safe to install and run. You can get screen recorder for platforms like 7, XP and Vista as well as use free screen video recorder to record changes in your screen and your voice using microphone.

Download DVD VideoSoft’s Free Screen Video Recorder


The fast and free way to create screencast videos and also get tools to zoom, add text, images, automated captioning and more. Screencast-O-Matic is mainly used by educator and student to do best screen recording where there many advanced feature to do recording. You can use the script tool to create perfectly timed lesson and do mix and match recording with imported audio and video file. There is also option to zoom in and zoom out to highlight the areas of your videos and also share your videos. You can also configure permission and privacy setting for your video as well as utilize analytics to see how your class engages with the video.

Screencast-O-Matic Review
Download Screencast-O-Matic

Open Broadcaster Software

OBS Studio is a free and open source software for computer screen recording and live streaming where you can record everything from your computer, screen, window or capture anything or save it to your HDD as MP4 or MKV. It does real time capturing and do mixing with unlimited scene to switch between seamlessly by custom transition. There is also features like large transition library, set hotkeys for action and studio mode. Get filters for video sources like color correction, image masking, chroma/color keying and more. You can customize the captured recording or broadcasting with streamline setting as well as there is modular UI that allows the user to rearrange the layout or open elements.

Download Open Broadcaster Software


Get the free screenshot program for doing screen capture in a full part, a region or selected window. It is easy to use and do video recording in a efficient manner. You can customize screenshooting with hotkeys and also highlight important region with pen, text, arrow and shapes. Login to avail free cloud storage space and also upload your snapshot to the storage with single click. There is also option to hide personal information like phone number, address, name and other while sharing it publicly. Monosnap can work with multiple screen and does fast upload which also comes with 8x magnifier that allows to grab pixel perfect area.

Download Monosnap

Recordit Flow

It is a free screen capture for Mac where it records in a fast manner and do video screen capture for any part of the screen. It comes with API where you can record a video and send it your app. You can also create animated GIFs and if you don’t want GIF then you can download as a regular video. This tool is simple to use and it comes with limited editing tool. It records your screencast at a low frame rate and the recordit automatically uploads your video to the cloud.

Download Recordit Flow


This is one of the best screen recorder for Mac and Windows. Nowadays, everyone is working in the computer where in some cases you need to video capture software to record your screen activities specifically. ActivePresenter makes you to record the entire desktop or particular portion of the screen and also save the video in watchable format. You can also insert audio from microphone or computer system audio.and also annotation for keyboard. There is also some drawback about this program where the recording time is limited and it includes spyware which may slow down the system. There is option to record the mouse cursor and store the video or image in correct place.

Download ActivePresenter

Game Screen Recorder

Screen Capture for Games is used to record the best gameplay moments and there various product below:

Nvidia Shadowplay

The easy way to do screen recording for games to capture it in a high quality manner with Nvidia Shadowplay. Game screen recorder comes with shadowplay DVR style has instant replay and to do recording as well as click the hot key to save the last 30 seconds of game play. After that you can share it in facebook or youtube and record game play videos with up to 4K at 60 frames per second. Capture GIF from favorite video and add text to it and upload it to various sites. The geforce experience makes the broadcasting of your games in a fast and easy manner. It also supports camera and custom graphic overlay to personalize your live stream.

Download Nvidia Shadowplay

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a game screen recorder for gamers which is free and it works on platform like Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a powerful video recording software and use it to stream games directly to twitch, youtube or any other service. OBS Studio is a open source where any one can contribute to it and there is no limits on video length. The set up takes a while and there is no other restriction for it. Do the game capturing as soon as you launch the program and capture the most amazing moments from the games.

Download OBS Studio

Flashback Express

Flashback Express is a reliable screen recorder for games is a easy to use tool to do smooth HD recording for games. You can record the key moments in the game play and the hot key instantly saves the short movie clips for the action. The FBX game recorder lets you do unlimited recording with no restriction and find the craziest moment by dropping markers as you play. There is also option to review the game footage to make short video clip or GIFs. Flashback Express lets you share it on many sites and get best performance in older low specification PCs.

Download Flashback Express


Fraps is a universal windows screen recording program where you can capture all games with DirectX or OpenGL technology. You can record a video while playing video game and do video and audio up to 1152×864 and 100 frames per second. The screen capture is done with click of a key and there is no need to paste it into paint program every time and take a screenshot. automatically named with time stamped. The screen recorder with sound can show how many frames per second you are getting in a corner of your screen.

Download Fraps

Screen Recorder for Android

The screen capture for Android makes you to capture anything on the Android device like videos, images and games. There are many good program for screen capture from the below products:

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is abest screen recorder for PC to record everything on the screen from Android device. It is a simple interface and start recording the screen. Get options to adjust the resolution, bit rate, orientation as well as add a time limit, pause the recording or stop it alltogether when screen goes off. There is no device root required and you can also choose the output video quality. When the recording starts, a red dot in the lower right corner of the screen will start to blink and get quality video with no watermarks, frame loss and no time limit.

Download AZ Screen Recorder

DU Recorder

DU Recorder is a hd screen recorder for Android to record anything on the Android Screen. You can also adjust the video quality option before recording with the number of frame rates per second and quality of video. After completing the video recording you can start editing the process. There is also option to crop and link fragment together, add music on the background and adjust the volume of the video. When the work is over you can save it in smartphone memory or share it directly over any social network.

Download DU Recorder

Screen Recorder

If you want to do video recording on your Android smartphone then you can use Display Recorder whether it may be tablet or smartphone. It is easy to use and record anything like videos, images or games from the smartphone. You can also customize the screen recording and there is many editing features. Do the recording in a quick process and set video resolution with setting bit rate, no watermarking and more. The audio can also be recorded from mic as well as mixed into videos. Screen recorder lets you to do everything in your mobile without switching to computer. You can also record touch input, external audio and supports Facecam while recording.

Download Screen Recorder

Twitch: Livestream Multiplayer Games & Esports

The best way to watch livestream gaming videos, Esports and any IRL broadcast on your Android device. It lets you to stream your favorite MMO RPG, strategy and FPS games for PC, XBOX One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The Twitch offers you live streaming and gamers can also chat. You can also watch gamers playing single or multiplayer games under the sun and also stream interactive live news videos with exclusive content for Xbox one, PS4, Nintendo switch and PC. You can broadcast your own gaming content and also switch to dark mode for late night viewing as well as gamer chat session.

Download Twitch

Google Play Games

Google Play Games is the best and free screen recorder for android where you can do video capture on gameplay and this app also has the ability to create a gamer profile, challenges, leaderboards and built-in Google Games. It works up to 720p resolution with no ads and do full screen recording with options to set orientation and bit rate. You can also record audio, shows a recording notification and uses camera as picture in picture. The videos can be conveniently stored in a folder and also can be stored in a SD card.

Download Google Play Games


Sometimes there might be requirement to do PC recording on your Window to make a tutorial on youtube or some game videoswith Vysor. You can record the Android screen on your Window PC with the help of third party screen capture tool and also share your device, across the office and across the globe. Whereas in Vysor pro you can get features like high quality mirroring, full screen mode, go wireless as well as drag and drop files. This tool works in a smooth manner and also gain access to any app and swipe using the mouse to change it to some other desktop area.

Download Vysor

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