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Businesses these days are always looking for ways to save money and time when it comes to doing business. For many this means doing more with the resources they have instead of paying someone to do it for them. So when it comes to making presentations that pop, training video tutorials they needed an easy to use software that would not break the bank.

Screen recording software like ScreenHunter Pro for Windows was designed especially for businesses and individuals that are looking to use screen recordings from their computers and manipulate them using with powerful editing tools.

Wisdom-soft is the creator of ScreenHunter Pro for Windows and several other useful software programs. ScreenHunter Pro for Windows is a combination of the best of screen recording and video editing technologies in the same easy to use software program. It is loaded with many powerful tools like; Screen Recording, Image Editing, Organizing and Sharing Tools.

Tools and Features

Screen recording software is only as good as the tools and features that it has to give its users the ability to get the most of it. Wisdom-soft built numerous powerful tools and other features like Capture Tools, Image Editing Tools and Saving/Sharing Tools.

Capture Tools – Having control over the way the screen capture and screen recording will make all the difference in the world when it comes to the final result. ScreenHunter Pro comes loaded with numerous tools designed especially for screen recording.

Timed Recording – This feature has several settings to make it easier for the user to get the best out of each screen capture, this includes Auto-Capture, Scheduled Capture and Recurring Captures.

Adjustable Screen Recording Size – This tool is extremely helpful because it allows the users to determine how much of the screen that needs to be recorded. You can also do full screen captures like video presentations.

Webcam recording – Using either an external USB webcam or internal webcam you can use ScreenHunter Pro for Windows video capture directly with the webcam and use the editing tools to create short YouTube videos.

Image Editing Tools – Creating presentations, video tutorials, marketing campaigns are possible thanks to the many powerful editing tools included in ScreenHunter Pro. The list of editing tools is extensive and here are just a few of them:

Recording Editing – The very intuitive set of powerful tools are right at your fingertips. You get numerous pallets of colors, shapes, cropping and even specialized cropping tools. You can also add text and comments directly onto the image.

Image Processing – This powerful set of tools gives you the control over every aspect of the image in order to alter it.

Drag and Drop – This tool makes it a snap to bring in images from the desktop and even the web, by just grabbing it and dropping it right into your project.

Saving/Sharing Tools – Being able to save your files in specific file format and organize them in an easy to find manner makes it real easy for users to get the most of ScreenHunter Pro for Windows. The software include several tools and features the help make it really easy and they include:

File Organization – Having your files that you are using for your project while using ScreenHunter Pro all in one place eliminates the time consuming chore of searching for the files you need.

File Format Options – The key to being able to share your work with other users you have to be able save your work in file formats that are universal like; .pdf, .jpg, .png, .gif and .tiff

Clipboard – ScreenHunter Pro for Windows uses a similar Clipboard feature to organize image files so you can have them handy.

Technical Support

Wisdom-soft , the creator of ScreenHunter Pro established an easy to access technical support system that gives the people that purchased their software 24/7 access to their technical from their website. There are four different ways to get help for your software issues; FAQ, Support Blog, Downloadable User Manuals and Email Contact Link.

FAQ – ScreenHunter Pro has a dedicated section on Wisdom-soft’s website. The section is separated into several subsections to make it easier for users to find the correct area for the questions they are having. The FAQ is quite extensive and is available 24/7.

Support Blog – ScreenHunter Pro has a dedicated support blog that consists of numerous categories. Each one has several Questions posted from users and answers to them from support staff members from Wisdom-soft.

Downloadable User Manuals – If you prefer to have visual documentation on how to use the software, Wisdom-soft uploaded a full library of user manuals to help users learn how to use the software.

Email Contact Link – Though they don’t have an way of talking directly to a software support technician and if you were not able to find an answer to your questions, you can click the email contact link on their website and send your question(s) via email. They say they will try to get back you as quickly as they can.

Final Thoughts

ScreenHunter Pro for Windows from Wisdom-soft is the best screen recording software in its class. It has class leading screen recording and editing features and many that you would expect to find in the best screen capture software in the industry.

Many businesses and individuals have discovered how the screen capture and editing features in ScreenHunter Pro for Windows can help them create spectacular presentations, software tutorials, how to guides and other money saving projects.

ScreenHunter Pro for Windows is an extremely versatile programs thanks to all of the tools that it has in it. The real key is that it is an easy program to use and the results are spectacular. Wisdom-soft designed its interface to be very intuitive and it also provides user manuals, video tutorials and step-by-step guides which are all very beneficial to its users.

All that we have read online about the ScreenHunter Pro for Windows from users has been extremely positive. The lower cost as compared to higher end screen recording software makes it a very popular option. If you are in the market for this type of software, you really see what Wisdom-soft has created in ScreenHunter Pro for Windows. Just click here to see more for yourself.


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